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Brigade Leader is a community of CSB leaders and alumni. It is your hub for resources and tools that will directly and positively impact your Brigade ministry.

Brigade Leader and all of its features are currently free! Everything you see on this site is available to you at no cost.

You information is not shared with any third parties. By creating an account you agree to be contacted by CSB Headquarters.

Any content that is shared on this website should be considered public as any one can view our forums and member director. Please use discretion when sharing sensitive information on our platform.

We want this to be a great experience for everyone. Our Community Code of Conduct is simple and if followed will make your time here encouraging and helpful.

This community will be better when there are more people here to help one another. We encourage you to invite leaders from your Brigade unit. To invite people simple click on the profile dropdown menu in the title bar and go to “Email Invites.”

Easy! Brigade Leader features a powerful global search bar that will pull results from all over our side. Click the magnifying glass icon in the title bar and begin typing to instantly find what you’re looking for.

You will also find specific search bars within various tools on the site. Keep an eye out for filters, as well.

The eMagazine is one of many benefits CSB Leaders have to help equip them. Articles are regularly posted and announced to Brigade Leader members via email. We seek to keep articles practical and encouraging and most of them are written by Brigade Leaders like you or people expert in their field.

You are automatically subscribed when you join this Brigade Leader Community. So if you’re registered your’e subscribed!

If you aren’t yet registered we just need a few simple pieces of info and you’ll get access to all the tools not just the eMagazine!

Absolutely! Contact us through our feedback form.

Groups are a way you can join together with specific members of the Brigade Leader Community. That’s why they are so cool! A group is a private area of the website that you can create that only those invited can access. Visibility of the group is up to you as well. For instance, this is a great way to create a space just for the leaders in your unit, or maybe you are organizing a regional event and you want a place to communicate and collaborate with other people helping with the event. Just create a group, name it appropriately, and share that group with the people you want to join. An email with a link will be sent to them. If they are not yet members they will, of course, need to subscribe so that they can access the site.

Head over to the “Groups” area of Brigade Leader. This can be find on the persistent panel found on the left of our site.

All groups are presented in one director which can be shown through a variety of filters. You can also search for a specific group. Once you find the group you’re looking for you can request membership. Most groups will require moderator approval before you become an official member.

Not a problem! You can create your own group. Go to the Groups area and click “Create a Group” at the top. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the setup process. Pay special attention the settings to ensure that your group functions the way you need.

If you’ve been invited to a group but haven’t accepted simply click on the dropdown profile menu from the title bar and then go to “Groups.” From here you can go to “Invitations.”

These are areas in which Brigade leaders can ask questions, share ideas, and encourage one another. When a Forum is used well it is a very powerful tool to equip Brigade Leaders for service.

If you are like me, you often have questions or want to share ideas that have worked well … or not worked well.

This is the place to do it!

We’ve tried to keep the Discussions simple and neat from the ground up. Sometimes it can difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for just by clicking around.  It’s best to use the search found at the top of the Discussions home page.