Service is our middle name

Every aspect of the Brigade program is vital and the units that utilize all aspects often have the strongest units that are consistently producing godly young men ready to impact the world rather than to be impacted by the world.

One important element of the Brigade program that can sometimes be overlooked as leaders prepare for the upcoming weeks and months is the element of service.

After all, service is our middle name! As leaders, we can easily become so engrossed in providing great camping outings or field trips, guest speakers on the module we are using at the time or even the essential one-on-one discipleship that we forget to ensure that we are providing opportunities for the boys or young men to serve others in meaningful ways.

Throughout the year there are many ways that a Stockade post, a Battalion squad or the entire group can serve in meaningful ways.

  •  Many Christian soup kitchens are looking for volunteers to serve meals
  • Retirement communities are often eager to have groups come and interact with the residents, provide cookies, bring crafts to share with them, etc.
  • You pastor or deacon chair of your congregation can suggest elderly saints from the congregation that need anything from their leaves racked to a handicapped ramp for their walker or wheel chair. Perhaps the funding of a more expensive project like a wheel chair ramp can be funded by the deaconal fund or by the person in need of the ramp.
  • Units sometimes serve as the support staff of an event open to the public. Two local units here host a wild game and fish dinner each year that is open to the public. They plan the event, promote it, find the speaker and plan the evening program which includes donations from local sporting goods stores to be used as door prizes. Not only does everyone have a great evening but 2 years ago a young man who who is in battalion made a profession of faith at one of those dinners when the speaker challenged those in attendance to consider the claims of Christ.

As a leader, don’t overlook the importance of instilling in the minds of those we lead that true leaders are servant leaders and we are emulating Christ Himself when we serve others.

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. Mark 10:45

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