Brigade Overview

Peter Westerman · February 25, 2021

Welcome to one of the most satisfying adventures you will ever have! Christian Service Brigade (CSB) is a ministry of Christian men to boys. Working through churches across North America, CSB encourages and trains men like you to be influential leaders of boys of all ages.

As a man committed to serving and obeying the Lord Jesus Christ, you want to help boys develop a stable and vibrant relationship with their Savior. Through Christian Service Brigade, you can have a significant impact on them. In the process, you may discover a more profound need and ability to grow closer to God yourself.

What will you be doing as a Brigade leader? How will you teach the boys? In what ways can you be a good influence on them? How do you guide a child toward spiritual maturity?

One thing that often keeps a man from having a significant relationship with a boy—his son or someone else’s—is not knowing what to do. The purpose of Christian Service Brigade is to provide resources to help you relate to a boy or a group of boys.

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