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Battalion is a discipleship ministry in which Christian men build personal relationships with teen guys and mentor them to be effective Christian leaders. Guided by adult men these 12-18 year-old young men are not simply shown how to lead but are the ones leading the program and events week to week.

Peter Westerman · October 13, 2020

Battalion for teenage boys is ideal for a church to develop its future leaders. If today’s teens are to become tomorrow’s leaders, they must be given opportunities to observe examples of leadership and test their leadership abilities. Battalion offers this opportunity.

How? First, by mobilizing Christian men to participate with young men in an active ministry geared for growth. The friendship of these men will shape the lives of individual young men and encourage many to follow Christ.

Second, by providing leadership opportunities for teenage young men. Adults share the leadership of the weekly meetings with young men whom they have carefully trained.

Third, by offering a well-rounded achievement experience for young men that guides their growth into Christian manhood.

Like Stockade, Battalion emphasizes evangelism and discipleship. The unique feature is that these young men begin to demonstrate leadership themselves. In this way, they help reach other boys with the Gospel and show them how to follow Christ. The fact that Christian men are discipling these teen leaders, helping them grow in their love for Christ and their ability to serve him, makes Battalion powerful.

There’s no right or wrong size for a Battalion. Many effective units exist with less than ten boys, and many successful programs have more than 30 members. No matter how many are involved, evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development are the keys.

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