Bible Exploration Tools

The tools below are helpful when you use them on top of good foundation principles for helping boys explore God’s word. After all, if you don’t know what you are building or where the power for these tools comes from, the tools are not going to do you much good. We suggest that you read the article below in conjunction with this really helpful article on Foundations for Exploring the Bible with Boys.

Asking Questions
One of the greatest skills any Brigade leader can have is the ability to ask good questions. Good questions stimulate thinking, discussion and sharing. Good questions show that you are interested in a boy’s opinion and that you care about him. This is one of the secrets to effective Bible exploration with boys.

How do you become a good question asker? To start, you must have the desire to ask. This means you consider their views as legitimate while realizing they don’t have your Bible knowledge or experience. Ask them questions about the passage itself. Let them delve into Scripture to discover the answers. Boys always learn better when they are active participants. When you lead a Bible exploration, your role is to get the boys to think about the passage. Questions are the best way to do this.

Good questions start with words like “What do you think about …” or “Why do you think Jesus said …” or “How do you feel about….” A boy has to think about such questions. He must express his own view. When he does, he learns. Keep the discussion going. If a boy’s thoughts are off the mark, point him to the facts in the passage or ask him what another verse says about the topic. Try to let him get to the truth on his own. Ask what others have to say to get more views. Briefly summarize what you’ve all discovered.

Creating an Environment.
The setting in which you conduct a Bible exploration has a direct bearing on how  well they learn. As the leader, you can control the environment to a large degree to create conditions that are conducive to enjoyable discussion. There are several ways to do this.

Try to eliminate distractions
When you lead a Bible study, try to eliminate as many distractions as you can. Noise from a gym, the street or even people talking in a busy hallway can disturb your boys’ concentration. Try to find a quiet room with nothing to attract their attention outside the window. Minimize the amount of equipment, books or toys that is out in the open before you take the boys there. If you have to share a room or open area with another group, try to gather in a corner with your back to the walls. Or, put up dividers. Do whatever you can to help your boys concentrate on God’s Word.

Use teaching tools.
Enhance learning whenever possible by using things that stimulate your boys’ senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Doing so captures boys’ attention and helps them learn and remember better. Use a  whiteboard or notepad to write down key words. Show pictures or pass around objects that are  mentioned in the exploration. Play music or sing. Try some food mentioned in Scripture. Act out the story. Use variety to surprise the boys and make it more enjoyable to learn God Word.

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