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Important: You must have a Brigade Leader membership and be logged in to register a unit. Login Here

Next: Pricing is based on the number of your active leaders. Select from the drop-down list of tiers below.

Scroll to the description below if you have questions, such as “what is an “active” leader.

After paying during checkout the next page will prompt you to invite your leaders by providing their email.



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We’re here to support you! And by “you” we mean all of the amazing leaders from the guys up front to the folks behind the scenes that make the discipleship of boys and young men in your Brigade unit possible.

That’s why we’ve been designing a pretty amazing set of tools here on Brigade Leader to help equip you to do well what you’ve been called to do.

Who is a “Leader?”

  • Men who commit to active participation in weekly meetings on a regular basis
  • Men who accept the role and title provided by CSB, such as Chairman, Captain, Chief Ranger, Tree Climber Coordinator, Ranger, Lieutenant, from brand new to fully Certified Leader

Who is NOT a CSB “Leader?”

  • Dads who join with their sons in Tree Climbers, unless they will be accessing Brigade Leader content
  • High school young men who assist as Junior Leaders, unless they will be accessing Brigade Leader content
  • Men asked to come and share their hobby at a meeting or two

By registering your units with the appropriate number of memberships for your Brigade Leaders, it gives those leaders access to the training, the community, and the resources that we have created and are continuing to create for you.

Undoubtedly you have questions and so we’ve sought to answer many of them below. View the bullet points for a quick description or watch the quick videos for more detail. As always we’re here to support you so feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Why the Pricing Change?

  • These are good changes for your leaders
  • We’re not actually changing … we’re changing back
  • For most of our history we determined cost based on leaders
  • As we focus on serving the leaders this older approach to pricing is far more appropriate
  • This gives us the ability to continue to provide growing resources and tools for your leaders here on Brigade Leader
  • The pricing structure was intended, on average, to produce no significant increase in cost for a church. Watch the video for more on that.
  • We’ve only raised our fees once since 1996.

Watch the video for more details

What Do We Get?

  • Store Discount
  • Official connection with CSB
  • One Stop shop for leader needs on Brigade Leader
  • Online training
  • Ability to use our resources
  • Access to leader discussion boards
  • Growing list of stories both new and old
  • Access to artwork and logos
  • Your leaders can easily interact with other leaders and brigade staff from around the country!
  • Monthly summary of new resources and helpful discussions on Brigade Leader

Watch the video for more details

How Do I Register?

  1. On the first page above select the tier that includes the number of leaders in your unit (It’s a drop down)
  2. If you are a leader who wants access to Brigade Leader then check the box (Take Up A Seat)
  3. On the second page Add your billing, church, and chairman info.
  4. MOST IMPORTANT! On the last page send invites to your leaders so they can get trained and enjoy the benefits of your church’s registration!


Additional information

Unit Size

Up to 5 Leaders, Up to 14 Leaders, Up to 24 Leaders