Following Through On Spiritual Decisions

following up on spiritual decisions

One of the biggest struggles in a boy’s spiritual life normally comes right after he has received Christ as his Savior. This is the moment when Satan wages his fiercest warfare. Satan uses two primary methods: (1) He tries to intimidate through some other person, such as unsaved parents or scoffing friends; or (2) he seeks to distract the new believer and create doubts as to what God has done for him through the renewed influence of worldly habits and acquaintances.

A Christian man can help a new convert best by two means. First, he should reemphasize what took place when the boy came to know Christ, recalling again such Scriptures as John 1:10-12 and 3:16, II Corinthians 5:17  or Romans 5:8. God’s Word is the basis for assurance of salvation. In addition, the man should acquaint him with the principles and means of Christian growth, stressing the importance of Bible study, prayer, personal witnessing and fellowship with other Christians.

The man’s own continuing friendship and interest will itself be an encouragement to a new Christian. The long term involvement of a mature Christian with a younger one, as exemplified by the relationship of Paul and Timothy, seems to be God’s pattern for growth. This work of making disciples is at the heart of the Great Commission, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations ” (Matthew 28:19-20).

Although a new Christian must rely on the Holy Spirit for spiritual strength rather than on other people, it is important for him to be linked in close relationships with other Christians.

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