A Testimony: Teaching Compassion and Servant Leadership Through Modeling

“Battalion has given me a more understanding and compassionate heart towards others.”

I’m a sophomore at Nation Ford high school and I’ve been a corporal at our battalion for the past three years. I first joined Battalion because I was invited by my friends Alex and Ethan. Though Battalion was attractive to me at first because of how much fun we had together, my view of Battalion changed slowly over time after I was invited onto the leadership team. Leading the younger guys showed me that Jesus can come to you in very unexpected ways. Some guys come to battalion without faith, or they’re scared and timid and without friends, and it’s such a good feeling to be friends with them and watch them grow spiritually and socially.

Battalion has given me a more understanding and compassionate heart towards others. Recently I went to the homecoming dance and while I was having a great time dancing, I saw this kid I know from school who nobody really likes. He was walking around the dance floor with no date, and no friends, and against the wishes of my friends, I went up to him and asked him to hang out with me for the rest of the night. This is one of the great aspects of Battalion: the comradery between the junior and senior leaders. I’ve never met a bunch of old guys that are as cool as they are. I’m so grateful to them for being role-models in my life. I love the affect that Battalion has had on my faith and daily life and I’m very excited for where it’s going to lead me next!

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