How To Tell A Story – A Story Paints A Picture (PTT 2016)

Peter Westerman, Denville, NJ
CSB Ministries Staff Associate

Everyone likes a good story! Storytelling is a terrific way to teach spiritual lessons. It has a universal appeal. There’s not one young man in your Stockade or Battalion who doesn’t like a good story. A good story commands attention. It sticks in the mind. A boy will tell the story he heard at a Stockade meeting to his parents when he gets home. He’ll tell it to his friends. Some stories he will remember for a lifetime. Just think how many stories you heard as a child that you could still remember. That’s why the Brigade encourages storytelling. Storytelling is a challenging skill that demands some time, effort, and a bit of courage to develop. This skill can be developed and you can be a more effective storyteller.

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