Bounce House Conversions

I was blown away by a story recently from a mother of one of my former Brigade boys. Almost a year ago now we were getting ready for our first annual community party. As a promotion for this event we had an inflatable bouncy house for our first Wednesday night meeting. During the course of jumping around a Sophomore attempted a back flip (which you aren’t supposed to do in those) and he landed with the full weight of his body on his neck. His neck was sore but he did not tell anyone.

The next day it was swollen. Upon inspection he had pinched nerves in his neck and had to wear a neck brace for two weeks. I was relieved when I found out that the mother, who I didn’t know that well, was taking it all in stride. In fact, the following Sunday the boy and his mother both came to church. I felt so sad for the young man as it was obvious he was tired, in pain, and miserable. She decided to come with him because despite all of his pain he still wanted to come to church. We prayed over him. I was overjoyed to see the mother there. A few months later she started coming regularly and I could see a change beginning in her.

Today she shared her story that she had come to Christ recently, and was a new person. And it all started that day when she came to church with her injured son. She shared how she had tried to commit suicide after she was divorced many years ago. She was angry with God because despite taking a lethal amount of pills “God would not let her die.” She shared the fear her family recently had when she found a lump on her breast which turned out to be nothing serious. She shared how she had changed. I stood next to her boys watching tears in their eyes as their mother who we had been praying for so long had finally come to faith. And today she was baptized. And I am so thankful for the change in their lives.

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